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About Us

About Us

Dotz Inc. is a robust technology company with extensive consumer knowledge and a business model that joins technology, data, loyalty, marketplace and techfin.

We have a consolidated presence in the loyalty segment and we were the pioneer company in the loyalty coalition market in Brazil through the Dotz program, which currently has over 48 million registered customers nationwide.

Throughout our 20-year history, we built a unique ecosystem and we operate a B2B2C platform that integrates and monetizes three highly synergistic business fronts: Loyalty, Marketplace, and TechFin.

Millions of consumers carry out transactions and payments (TechFin) through the coalition’s more than 5,000 points of sale, which includes offline partners (supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, restaurants and others) and online partners (Marketplace), and customers are rewarded with the Dotz currency (Loyalty), which is deposited in their digital wallets (TechFin).

Based on the collected data, we generate individualized consumer insights, adding high value services for users and partners.

Through our digital intelligence platform, our partners can acquire new customers at low costs, gain loyalty of current customers, increase sales, average ticket volumes, frequency and profitability, as well as reduce churn. For partner banks, in addition to offering qualified leads and loyalty currency, we also developed technology solutions based on our data lake (such as the Dotz Credit Score), which increases profitability by reducing costs, losses and defaults.

For consumers, Dotz boosts their purchasing power by offering the Dotz cashback currency, discounts, personalized promotions, and cost-effective credit lines through our partnerships with financial institutions.

We were recently recognized by our customers in important loyalty programs awards in Brazil: we ranked 1st in the 2020 Reclama Aqui Award and were elected the “most delighting company according to clients” in the Modern Consumer Survey (Pesquisa Consumidor Moderno).

All of this is possible thanks to our team, which is committed to the “Dotz DNA”:

Big Dreams

We recruit people who dream big and are willing to make history.

Focus on result

We invest our time in solutions rather than problems. We take on all challenges and deliver results.

Valuing employees

We reward and invest in those who make a difference in a meritocratic way.

Owner’s mindset

We are protagonists. We are bold, innovative and strategically persistent. We don’t give up. A true owner meets their customers’ demand.

Passion for the ride

We work together with passion. Our journey motivates and strengthens us as much as our final destination.