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Our History

Our History

  • 2000 to 2008

    Dotz was founded in 2000 as a loyalty platform focused on e-commerce and motivated to fill an existing gap in loyalty programs in Brazil, which at the time were focused primarily on the high-income clients (“frequent flyers”) of credit card and airline companies.

    Since the beginning, Dotz invested in two important pillars: the Dotz currency, a democratic and relevant currency for consumers in all income classes and partners, and in a proprietary platform to manage the program.

    This was the start of what would become our B2B2C platform, connecting multiple partners and consumers through “shared economy” of sales points, promotions, loyalty, payments and data.

    Our purpose has always been, and continues to be, to deliver real benefits to our consumers and relevant results for our partners.

  • 2009 to 2017

    As we understood that it would still take time for the online market to represent most of the Brazilian consumers, we initiated our first major transformation and expanded our Loyalty Program to the offline retail segment.

    In 2009, three actions took place and were decisive for this evolution:

    – LoyaltyOne, a Canadian company that runs the world’s largest coalition loyalty program, acquired a 37% stake in Dotz. LoyaltyOne’s investment and know-how were fundamental for the development of the Retail Coalition model.

    – We initiated a partnership with one of the largest Brazilian banks and became an alternative reward option for clients to use their credit card points. Since then, we have been strengthening our relationship with other financial institutions. We currently have relationships with more than 5 institutions (as of 2021).

    – We launched our first operation in the city of Belo Horizonte and began our strategy to “act stealthily across Brazil”, building partnerships with regional retailers, most of which were supermarkets. Since then, we launched 14 regional operations.

    Therefore, the network we created allowed users to have frequent interactions with the program. We currently operate with physical retailers in 13 states, in addition to having a nationwide presence through the e-commerce channel and partnerships with financial institutions.

  • 2018 to 2020

    We initiated a new phase, focused on digitizing and modernizing our platform. In 2018, we already had over 30 million customers registered in the Loyalty Program, which enabled us to build a rich and unique database with consumption information on all users.

    Our focus to monetize our data in a more structured way for TechFin products resulted in the need to initiate certain changes. We highlight the following:

    – Repurchase of LoyaltyOne’s stake, in 2018, allowing us more freedom to invest in technologies and businesses that were not restricted to the loyalty model.

    – Acquisition of Netpoints, in 2019, our only loyalty competitor in the Retail Coalition model, adding over 14 million new entries to our user base.

    – Development and launching of new products, in which we highlight:
    Clube Dotz (club)
    Co-branded cards in partnership with banks Banco Votorantim and Banco do Brasil.
    Conta Dotz
    Loja Dotz

  • 2021

    Our engaged consumer base, scalable platform and products, and important strategic moves marks 2021 as the starting point of a new phase for Dotz’ exponential growth.

    – Expansion of our partnership with Vivo, which includes provisions for Vivo to have a minority stake in Dotz.

    – Strategic partnership with Ant Financial.

    – Launching of the Dotz Inc. brand, which strengthens all the modifications and evolutions made by the company over the last 20 years.

    – IPO: On May 31, 2021, Dotz held its IPO under CVM Intruction 476 and now trades its shares on B3.